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Q. 7    For each of the sectors that we came across in this chapter why should one focus on employment and GDP? Could there be other issues which should be examined? Discuss.

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a. It is true that while assessing the growth and development of each sector we are focussing on GDP and employment.
b. This is because it gives us the overall picture of the economy and provides a more wholistic approach.
c. It also helps us to determine the size of the economy.
d. Employment rate and GDP  helps us to understand the per capita income and level of productivity in each sector.
e. However, one can focus on other issues to develop a a proper analysis of these sectors.
f. This would include  technology being used, regional wise growth and development pattern.
g. Further factors like, surplus production, equality of income among the people engaged and also self reliance of the country pertaining to each sector.



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