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Please give me a answer Practice Worksheet Class & soct.on Total Marks Q 1. the following information to write a biographical sketch. S Piece wth for Career VALUE POINTS CV Raman 7 Nov. 1888. Thiruvanalkol.. Tiruch.rappail, Madras (now Chennai' Raman effect Presidency College. Madras (BAX MA. in 1907 Joined India Finance Department for research; worked at India for the cultivation of science worked as professor of at University, elected to Royal Society of London in 1924 in 1930 teame Director of Indian Inst. of Sciences, Bangalore: In 1947 appo.nted as National Professor by the new govt. of Independent India; estadished Raman Research Institute in 1949 in Bangalore. Krught Bachelor in 1929; Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 - for his scattering of light. November 21. 1970. Ans.

Dear Student,
These questions develop your writing skills. Hence, you should try to write on your own. You may start your answer the following way:

Born on 7 November, 1888, C.V. Raman was born at Thiruvanaikoli in Tiruchirappali, Madras (now Chennai). 
This famous scientist passed his BA from Presidency College (Madras) and in 1907 completed his MA. He joined India Finance Department for doing his research work. He worked at the India Association for the Cultivation of Science. He also worked as a professor of Physics at Calcutta University…

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