please give me a paragraph on "disciplin is the basic neeed of a student"

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1.Discipline does not only mean conforming to school rules like keeping quite, coming in neat uniforms, etc. Discipline refers to a code of conduct.
2.At school, discipline is enforced upon the students. They are punished if they break discipline. Punishment is meant to make them understand the importance of respecting the school rules.
3.Discipline starts with respecting the educational organisation. Its rules, its teachers and its property. 
4.Discipline is needed for a student for he/she gradually adopts this in his/her character which reflects in his/her work later in life.
5.Discipline makes one do what is needed at that very moment. It helps one do fight laziness and procrastination. 
6.It is through discipline that a student can organise his/her life, plan for fulfilling his/her dreams and properly channelize his/her energies. 
7. It helps him/her maintain his/her focus towards his/her goal and work accordingly.

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to be a good student  
never ever argu with teachers 
always be polite with friends,teacher etc
alwas complete your work on time 
bewell dressed and clean and keep your surrondings clean
that is the way to be a disiplin child
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