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Please help asap Rewnto these Sentences replacing the verb in red with an infinitive Moke changes ayrequlred. Mrs Sharma IS the only judge who voted tor me. We all hoped that we wowe the tournament. They were wondenng whom they should complain tor the frequent power was very delighted when I heard the news of your new 100. I was very upset when I saw my grandma bedridden With tuness. 6. My mother promised that she would gvverne a guitar on my He was the one who offered us help when we shifted to a new locality. 't iS said that Mr Sharma be the next Principal ot the school. using the pattern.

Dear Student,        
Here is your answer:
1. Mrs. Sharma is the only judge to vote for me.
2. We all hoped to win the tournament.
3. They were wondering whom to complain for the frequent power cuts.
4. I was very delighted to hear the news of your new job.
5. I was very upset to see my grandma bedridden with illness.
6. My mother promised to give me a guitar on my birthday.
7. He was the one to offer us help when we shifted to a new locality.
8. Mr. Sharma is said to be the next Principal of the school.

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