please help in my maths homework

please help in my maths homework T hc uses and Ahuses or Television. g) "The internet play an in now-a-days". 1.Write a letter to tile newspaper editor about the rise in price articles. 2 rite a letter to the superintendent of Police or your town reporting a 3. rite a letter to the chairman o' your ou gnd request him to take necessary Steps in this matter. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his the board examwat•on. Write a letter to your father. Who has been away from house for Some time. telling him i) Collect information about the bidding value Of all players Of any teams of ii) Find the median for the bidding values of each them. iii) Find the mean and model bidding each them. iv) Draw a pie chart to represent number of players from different countries in these 3 IPL franchise. V) Draw histogram and p olvgM-. to match in different overs. Represent over on the taking on Y-axis. 2. Find out 10 mathematical symbols from books, magazines or internet. Collect Meaning and their use in different areas of Mathematics. —h.Y.±Lø: Make a model on 'T controlled gadgets parameter-remote cars. smart phone Gadgets. Chemistry: I. Prepare a project Which should be subjective. re ared individually by the students.

Dear Student, answer 2)Symbol     symbol name  meaning                                         origin=              equals sign       equality                                   Robert Recorde(1557)                  not equal         inequality                                Leonhard Euler+              plus sign           addition                                  Nicole Oresme(1360) -               minus sign     subtraction                              Johannes Widmann(1489)(  )              parentheses   calculating                                           expresion inside                    Maxime Bôcher(1909)                                            first×               times sign      multiplication                      William Oughtred(1618).                multiplication   multiplication                    J. Willard Gibbs(1902)                                        dot ÷            division sign      divide                              Johann Rahn(1659)/             division slash    division                          Thomas Twining(1718)±              plus-minus  both plus & minus                           sign               operations                   William Oughtred(1628)    
Hope this helps you and try to solve first one and if you face any difficulty,then get back to us.


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