Please help ...its urgent .asap

Please help ...its urgent .asap Following Ü-.e Balance Sheet arE Receipt züa;ent Ans»er any Balance Sheet ason01-04-2017 Amt (Rs 6,000 Outstznding Salzy Cash in hand malehd Fu-litre (Rsj 35,000 20.000 90.0% Capital Ftnd To To Entrance Fees To Sde To Sports fees 1 1.000 A/c for the 31-03-2018 52,000 6,000 10,000 86 000 P". zznts B; s;xrs By By Pogage By Ektic Cha-ges By up keep of By Cd l)Outstanding Subcriptions for 2018 Rs2,000- 2) Subscl*i-on received in fM 2019 Rs 1000. 3) salary as on 31-03-2018 Rs 6000. 4) HalfoftE err-ance fees capitalizi S) Ikpreciate matetids at Unum. Prepze æcouNfortheyæerEing 31-03-201Snd 2) BalanceSh«ason31-03-2018.

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Here Closing Cash balance is 21000 because in question under receipts & Payments A/c Opening Cash is taken as 15000 rather than 16000 so if we correct the same resulting actual cash balance will be 21000.


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