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1. The given stage is anaphase.In anaphase, the spindle fibres pull homologous chromosomes that are arranged at the equatorial plate, towards opposite poles of the spindle. This separates the chromosomes into two haploid sets, one set at each end of the spindle.

​​​​​​2. i. Centriole
ii. Spindle fibres
iii. Sister chromatids

3. The no. of chromosomes at anaphase I is 46.

4. The next stage is Telophase I. Diagram of telophase is given below:

5. The difference is as follows:
Mitosis in plants Mitosis in animals
No centrioles present Centrioles present
Cell division involves the formation of cell plate Cell division involves furrowing and cleavage of cytoplasm
Occurs mainly at meristems Occurs in tissues throughout the body.
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