Please help me with these questions. 1)what message is the poet trying to convey in the poem rain on the roof? 2)how can you say that the poet of rain on the roof was a home loving family loving and nature loving person? 3)how does the poet of rain on the roof display these values of home loving family loving and nature loving in the poem?

Dear Student,
1) The poem 'Rain on the Roof' conveys the message that rain is Mother Nature’s way of showing her healing and therapeutic properties. It leaves endless memories in the minds of humans with its presence, fragrance and sound apart from the experiences of humans with it. The rain rejuvenates and refreshes the human mind by helping it to relive and recollect pleasant memories of the past.

2) In the first stanza the poet says that it was the ultimate happiness for him to hear the rain falling on the roof of his cottage and making a tingling sound on the shingles on the tiled roof. He says that at his time he is lying  on his bed in a room in a cottage. Cottages are made in rural areas. i.e., areas which are close to nature, showing that he was nature loving. In the second stanza, when it rains he starts dreaming about memories of the past at home when his mother was with him. His mother was very affectionate and took good care of him during childhood. This shows that he is a home loving, family and nature loving person.

Q.2 and Q.3 have the same answer.

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