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1+ tan2x= 1+sin2x/cos2x

Find common denominator which is cos2x

cos2x/cos2x + sin2x/cos2x


(cos2x + sin2x)/cos2x


1+cot2x = 1+ cos2x/sin2x

Common denominator is sin2x


sin2x/sin2x + cos2x/sin2x

( sin2x + cos2x)/sin2x



1/(cosx2+ sin2x)/cos2x + 1/( sin2x + cos2x)/sin2x


Multiply the numerator and denominator by the reciprocal of the bottom fractions to get


cos2x/(cosx2+ sin2x )+ sin2x/( cosx2+ sin2x)


Since they now have a common denominator you can add the tips


(cosx2+ sin2x)/(cosx2+ sin2x)


1/1 = 1



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