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1. Tilloo managed to get hold of his father's ______.
Ans: security card

2. A _____ door barred Tilloo's entry to the passage.
Ans: metal

3. The passage led from the underground habitat to the ______ of the planet.
Ans: surface

4. Tilloo's father found the _______ Room full of excitement.
Ans: Control

5. Tilloo suddenly noted some movement in the _______.
Ans: spacecraft

6. A ________ hand emerged from the spacecraft.
Ans: mechanical

7. Tilloo stared at the control panel and its ______ buttons.
Ans: attractive

8. Tilloo pressed the ______ button.
Ans: red

9. Tilloo's father restored the red button to ______ position.
Ans: neutral

10. The Viking Mission found no signs of life on ______.
Ans: Mars


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