Please please please solve it by 8 o clock it very urgent please the part A and B not the last ones

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your first question. Kindly post the other question in a new thread, in order to make answering easier.
  1. Do not play with a knife. Imperative
  2. What is your favourite subject? Interrogative
  3. How beautiful that house was! Exclamatory
  4. What were you doing last Sunday? Interrogative
  5. The thief was caught by the police.  Declarative
  6. Children travel to school by the bus. Declarative
  7. Please take your medicines on time, Declarative
  8. The boys are playing football in the park. Declarative
  9. The hummingbird is the tinniest bee bird. Declarative
  10. Lakshwadeep islands have beautiful coral reefs. Declarative
  11. I plan to visit all the Indian states when I grow up. Declarative
  12. How many books did you read during the summer holidays? Interrogative
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Thank you.  

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