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Q4. Why does Mandela say that it was a disaster of white men rule over the black?

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Mandela says it was a disaster of white men rule over the blacks because they were ill-treated and suffered in the bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination. They could never place themselves equal to the white and therefore, suffered greatly.

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Mandela said he was a disaster for blacks being ruled by whites.
Since, Mandela was also a black so he consider he people even more but the heart of Mandela was very pure he doesn't want to rule over whites but he just wanted that the rights of blacks and whites should be equal.
So, for this he also started many movement in which he wanted to stop apartheid and many other discriminative factors.
And at last when he became the first black president in South Africa he did what he wanted and stoped all the injustice and discrimination from the country,
So, to himself he said that he is a disaster ....

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