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please send fast •uub'ir • o Nepal the in upon there a man and blessed which a to a the to the market to the The they the them to But to that not that the bird Ibe) made gf gold ir,ode, to '*der to tn• entire store of gold (keep) inodo the at once, One d" they (cur) open to set what (want). But alas' (discover) to their disma•/ (beb an ordinary pose lust other of its kind. They (become) disappointed. neither nch as thev had hoped. nor (enjoy) the daily share of their wealth any larger,

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Here is your answer:
1. live-lived
2. be-were
4. be-were
5. go-went
6. receive-received
7. help-helped
8. need-needed
9. begin-began
​​​​​​10. be-were
11. imagine-imagined
12. be-was
13. decide-decided
14. keep-kept
15. cut-cut
16. want-wanted
17. discover-discovered
18. be-was
19. become-became
20. get-got
21. enjoy-enjoyed

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what did the young man live
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