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Please solve 17 is 2,36X 10 16 volt. If the wave length Of a photon is 4000A then What Will energy ? Ans- 4-95 x 10—19 joule. IS. Calculate the momentum of a photon of light ray of wave length if planck•s constant h = 66 x joule x sec. Ans. 132 x 10-29 joule sec rn-l. 16. cwt the energy of a photon of light of wavelength «.)OOA Ans. 3•31 x 10-19 joule. 17. If voltage across the anode and the cathode Of a CRO is 500 volt. then calculate the energy of the electron and also calculate its velocity if it starts from rest. Ans. 8 x 10-1 ' joule; and 1•33 x m/sec. 24

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