Please solve all the questions

Please solve all the questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. MATHEMATICS WORKSHEET-2017-18 GRADE - 8 LEVEL-I 15% of 300 apples were bad. How many apples were bad?. Akshay receives a weekly pocket money of 2000. He spends 600 per Week for food. What percent of his weekly pocket money does he use for food?. Find the gain or loss% when the following data is given. (i) cp- 13,000 ; sp- 14,500 0100 The price of a sweater was slashed from 660 to 516 by a shopkeeper in the Winter season. Find the rate of discount given by him. LEVEL-2 Find the CP when the following parameters are given: 0900 ; 6% (ii) sp- < 4700 ; 12% If the SP of 12 eggs is equal to the CP of 16 eggs. Find the gain%. (i) The value of a smart phone including VAT is -R 32,000. If the original price of the phone is 29,680, find the rate of VAT. (ii) If a product bought for 1200 including 6% VAT , then what is the price Of the product without VAT?. (i) Find the compound interest on 5000 at 7% p.a for 2 years compounded annually. (ii)Find the C.I on 10,000 in 2 years at 4% p.a , the interest being compounded half-yearly. LEVEL-3 (i) Mehul sold two dogs for 18,000 each. On one he gained 20% and on the other he lost 20% . Find his total gain or loss. (ii)A TV set was bought for 39,000. 2000 was spent on transportation and 1200 on repair. It was sold ata gain Of 15%. Find the SP of TV. The S.l on a sum of money for 2 years at 4% p.a is 450. Find the C.I on this sum at the same rate For 1 year if the interest is reckoned semi-annually. (ii) For 2 years if the interest is reckoned annually. (i)A flat is bought for In each of the 3 years that follows, its value appreciates by 8%. How much is the flat worth after 3 years?. (ii)You drink a beverage with 130mg of caffeine. Each hour, the caffeine in your system decreases by about 12%. What amount will it be after 2 hours?.

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Answer 1.
 15% of 300 Apples were badSo, Number of bad apples are=300×15%                                               =300×15100                                               =45 Apples

Answer 2.
Akshay's pocket money=Rs 2000He spends on food=Rs 600Let Percentage of his weekly pocket money does he use for food =xSo,2000×x100=600x=600×1002000x=30% Answer

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