Please solve q.4 and 5 from this pic

Please solve q.4 and 5 from this pic a 6:26 PM their roles. 3. The response of plants to gravity is known as geotropism. How are plant parts sensitive gravity ? Describe with the help of a diagram. ? C 4. What is meant by positive and negative tropic movements in plants ? Explain them by giving suitable examples. With the help of an experiment, prove that roots are more positively hydrotropic than geotropic. CLOSE

Dear  student,
The answer to your 4th question is written below:
Tropism in a plant is when it shows growth or movement in response to the stimulus .
Plant shows 2 types of tropic movement-
1)    Positive tropic movement:It is a  type of movement or growth of a plant towards or in direction to a stimulus. For example - Phototropism shown by stem and leafs as they grow in direction of the light .This is a type of positive tropic movement.

2)   Negative tropic movement:These are the movements shown by plants away or in opposite direction from the stimulus .For example- Roots show negative tropic movement as they grow in opposite direction from the light .

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