Please solve question 5.

Please solve question 5. water than in when it t Whwh i's Weight go. 4. A solid of It completely im' ] kg Calculate solid in miter. S. Two spheres A and B. each of volume 100 are piaccd on water (density = 10 sphere A is made of wocn!of density 0-3 g and the sphere B is made of iron of density g cnv•. (a) Find : (i) the weight Of each sphere. and the upthrust on each sphere. (b) Which sphere will float ? Give reason. Ans. (a) (i) A — 30 gf. B —890 gf (b) The sphere A will no-at Reason : The density of wood is less than the density of water.

Dear student,

(A) The important factor here is density of both the spheres.
Since sphere A is made of wood, whose density is less than that of water, it will float.
Since sphere B is made of iron, whose density is much greater than water, it will sink.

Volume of sphere A = 100cm3
Density of wood = 0.3g/cm3

Therefore, mass = density * volume = 0.3*100 = 30g
Therefore,weight of sphere A = 30gf

For sphere A to float, by law of floatation,
weight = upthrust
Upthrust = 30gf

Volume of sphere B = 100cm3
Upthrust = Volume of water displaced * density of water * g
  = 100cm3 * 1g/cm3 * g
  = 100gf

Upthrust on sphere A = 30gf
Upthrust on sphere B = 100gf
 (b) Sphere A will float because of the density of wood is lesser than the density of water.


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