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a) As we move down in a group, the atomic size increases , nuclear charge decreases , it becomes easy to take an electron out from the valence shell ,so lesser energy is required to do so.
Thus, sulphur has smaller ionisation energy as compared to oxygen.

b) Electronic configuration of
  • Li is 1s22s, can easily lose an electron to acquire stable noble gas configuration, thus forms Li+.
  • Be is 1s22s2, lose two electrons to acquire the stable noble gas configuration, thus forms Be2+.

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A)sulphur as it has higher atomic number than that of oxygen
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a) The sulfur ion has an extra shell than an oxygen ion, so the atomic size of sulfur should be greater than oxygen. Therefore, the ionization energy of an oxygen ion should be more than a sulfur ion because the electrons in oxygen are closer to the nucleus when compared to sulfur.
b) Ions form when atoms gain or lose electrons. Both lithium and beryllium atoms have a small number of electrons in their valence shell, so they will lose these electrons to form positively charged ions. From the electron configuration of lithium (2,1), we see that it will lose one valence electron and form the ion Li+. Beryllium has the electron configuration 2,2 so it will lose 2 valence electrons and form the ion Be2+.
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