Please solve this sums plz

Please solve this sums plz d _ How many days would 6 ? HOW many would Mohanrao took 'O days to finish a book. reading 40 pages every day. How many must hc read in a day to finish it at a Of 4 she takc 4. The of grain in warehouse people. How many days 6000 people Let's learn. Partnership en starting a business enterprise, money is required for an offce, rav amount is called the capital. Often, two or more people put in 'her words, these people business by investing in the rrtnership, all partrMs joint account in a bank. is shared by proportion to the money A tharva d 2100 and 2800 rupees orotit of 3500 rupees. How should G,veslments.

Dear Student,
Q1. If 10 students can weed a field in 6 days,
then 1 student can weed a field in 10×6=60days
If 1 worker takes 60 days to weed a field then 6 workers would take= 
606=10 days
If there are 15 workers and a single worker can plough a field in 60 days, then 15 workers will take 
6015= 4 days
If Mohan Rao finishes a book in 10 days by reading 40 pages a day then the book contains 10×40=400 pages
If he wishes to finish a book in 8 days then he needs to read 4008= 50 pages every day.
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Hope this information has solved your queries.


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