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Please solve this 1 0:57 From the following information calculate cash flows from financing activities Auity Share capital secured Loan 14-2017 20, 9.00-000 31-3-2018 30.00000 16-00.000 During the year secured loan repaired with interest of t 20,000 and received dividen SECTION • D er any Four questions, each carries Twelve marks : Following are the Balance Sheet and Receipts and payments Account of Sharada education Society. Liabilities Capital fund Audit - fees Balance Sheet as on 31.03.2017 36,400 Cash ia h and 2,500 Magh and charts Govt Bonds Subscription Outstanding Furniture 38,900 Receipts and Payments A/C for the year ending To Balance b/d TO TO Donation To Interest on Govt Bond Adjustments I. Audit fees 25(0 still due. 2050 20,500 25(N) 850 25,900 By Audit-fees By Rent By Maps and charts By Stationery & Postage By salary By Functions By Balance e/d 2,050 1,800 3,400 1050 25,900 . Charge 250 as deprecation on furniture Half Of the donation is to 4. Outstanding Subscriptions 2000 and Subscriptions in advance 1500 Income Expenditure account Balance Sheet as on 31-3-2018.


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Please explain how outstanding interest 700 comes
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