Please tell how to prepare for economics as hardly less than 1 month is left. Plz help me with some tips to prepare in a smarter way

Dear Student,

Keep the following things in mind while preparing for exam :
  •   Make a time table and put in maximum hours for the study .
  • Discuss important topics with your teachers and classmates and prepare them well.
  • Practise as man sample papers as you can. Try to solve like a test, limiting yourself to the the time allotted. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make sure you get optimum rest. Overworking before exams often lead to lethargy while writing an exam .
Don't worry and just concentrate more on the important topics.

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first of all be clear with your basic chapters and then look at a variety of questions that can be asked from the respective chapters and mug up all those topics that surely tend to come in exams for eg. like money and banking 
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