Please tell me the editing in question 6 incorrect and correct both

Please tell me the editing in question 6 incorrect and correct both Q6. entered the manager's office and sat down. have just lost five hundred rupees and I felt very upset. I leave the money in my desk," I said, •and it ts not there now". The manager was very sympathe but he can do nothing. "Everyone loses money these days" he satd. He start to comptatn about this wicked world, but •s interrupted by a knock at the door. A girl came in and puts an envelope on his desk. tt contaans five hundred rupees. found this outSRIe this gentleman's room: she said. •Wet" I sav to the manager. -there still some honesty jn this worki Q'. My day beg•ns on five O'cloc• gn the mormng t has been so stnce the last fortv wears rcept for the two years of was yer•v iJJ. wake up at the sound of an arm clock bought at 1952 Fom then until todav, it has never , • fet me down, Mv routine. however turns topsy-tur •n holidays when I cannot sleep for ten O'clock. I h majnta.ned a fatrly regular routine over my worki When retire on two years' time. hope i Will be able to continue this practice, (28. tndja very fortunate that it have many overs, Thetr famous overs are Sutlej, Ganga, Yamuna and Narmada. Some of

6.  Incorrect          Correct
a. have                   had
b. leave                  left
c. and                     but
d. can                     could
e. start                    started
f. is                         was
g. puts                     put
h. contains             contained
i. no error
j. say                       said

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