Please tell me the tiltles and note making from this paragraph
A controversial proposal by Blbek Debroy, a member of the government think tank NITI Aayog,
to tax agricultural income above a particular threshold has led to a public exchange of views.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley quickly dismissed any plans to tax farm income, but more
policymakers have begun to voice their opinion, the latest being Chief Economic Adviser Arvind 
Subramanian who made it clear that taxing farm income is a state subject.
The public image of
farming being a poor man's venture and the sizeable vote share that farmers  enjoy have made the 
idea of farm taxes a political taboo. The frequent distress faced by poor or marginal farmers, which
could be attributed to structural issues other than taxation, hasn't helped matters either. But India
has a presence of rich farmers as well and there exists as a strong justification for taxing them in
order to widen the country's embarrassingly narrow tax base. Mr. Debroy suggested that an
appropriate tax policy
should draw distinction between rich and poor farmers ,thereby
addressing the widespread political apprehension of bringing agriculture under the tax net. It is
secret that India's tax base, standing at a minuscule 5.9% of the working population, is already
among the lowest in the world, This unnecessarily burdens the more formal sectors of the economy
that are already overtaxed; at the same time, it handicaps government spending on the social


Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Give a title to the notes after reading the given passage carefully. The main theme becomes the heading: Tax on agricultural income.
- Then, give sub-headings depending upon the less important topics touched upon in the passage: Rich and poor farmers, Structure in the sector, etc.
- Indent the notes properly
- Use of abbreviations is a must, give a key at the end for the abbreviations, do not overuse abbreviations.
- Key at the end of the note should be enclosed in a box.
- Don’t include all the information present in an article or paragraph, only the important points should be included.
- There should be no complete sentences in the notes.  

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