please tell me what is futre time reference


Future Time Reference:

It refers to talking about future time by verbs in present tense. This can be done in a number of ways:

Using will or shall: 

In present tense, we use will or shall to talk about future time. For example:

  • I shall be twenty next Tuesday.
  • It will rain today.

Use of Present Continuous Tense:

We use this tense to talk about future time when a decision about the future had already been taken in present . For example:

  • She is leaving for London next month.
  • We are going for a picnic tomorrow.

Use of Future Perfect and Future Continuous Tense:

If an event is to occur in future for sure, we can use future perfect and future continuous tense.

  • The school bus would have left by the time I will reach the bus stop.
  • The world's population will have become twice till the end of this century.

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