please tell the meaning of the following phrases 

1. to feel your heart thump

2. to feel your heart sour feel as cold as ice

4. to feel your heart sink

Dear Student

Here are the meanings to the phrases and idioms.
1)  To feel your heart sink
Actual phrase: “Somebody’s heart sink”
Meaning: Somebody suddenly feels sad or poignant.
2)  To feel as cold as ice
Actual idiom: “Be as cold as ice”
Meaning: To be very cold, freezing cold.
3)  To feel your heart sour
Actual phrase: The phrase seems inappropriate.
4)  To feel your heart thump
Actual phrase: Though there is not such a phrase in my knowledge, I will try to give you possible inference of the sentence.
Possible meaning: Loud beating of one’s heart, due to anxiety or stress.
Hope it helps.
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