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Saturday, 30 Novembet

Dear diary
One more accident!!! No newspaper or Tv had mentioned that. I had seen that from my eyes. Yesterday I was standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus because I had to go to my friends house that is at a little distance from my house. There was a lot of traffic all around the road. Suddenly something caught my attention. It was an auto rickshaw in which one lady passenger was seated. Suddenly two boys who were riding bike came from somewhere and started snatching the hand bag that the lady was holding. Luckily she had a firm grip on the bag and didn't let it go off from her hands. But the boys where not ready to accept their defeat. They were continuously pulling the bag. The auto driver also tried to compete with the boys but in vain. Suddenly the lady fell on the ground and the auto fell on her totally breaking her arms and legs. But their are no words to describe her patience. She didn't even cry inspite of facing such an accident.
Seriously!!! What is happening on earth??

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