plese check these answers of voice.

Q. Fill in the blanks with passive form of the verbs in the present continuous tense :

1. The famous heroine is in is interviewing  for the TV channel. (interview)
2. The bill on Women's Reservation is discussing in the parliament. (discuss)
3. Due to the fire all the nearby buildings are vacating .( vacate)
4. All the preparations for the Republic Day are making .( make)
5. Shops are shutting down by the protesters. ( shut )
6. Merit scholars are been honoured .( honour)
7. Where are criminals being taken ? (take)
8. When is the budget being presented in the parliament ? (present)
9. This book has been revised to improve it further. (revise)
10. Old computers have been___________ . (update)

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  1. Kindly check the statement given by you. The correct sentence should be: The famous heroine is interviewing / is being interviewed for the TV channel.
  2. is being discussed
  3. are being vacated
  4. are being made
  5. correct
  6. are being honoured
  7. correct
  8. correct
  9. is being revised
  10. are being updated

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