Pls answer question no.2, 4,&5

Pls answer question no.2, 4,&5 ancs 2. The area of a trapezium is cmt and the length of 10 cm and its he Ight is a cm. Eind length 'A the other S. Ixngth of the fence or a traJ*7iurn field BC = m. CID 1 7 m and AD 40 m. find area of r c AB rx:rrxmdicular to the parallel suks AD 4. The diagonal ofa quadrilateral field is 24 m and the perpendiculars dropped on it from the remaining opposite vertices are 8 m and 13 m. Find the area of the field. S. The diagonals of a rhombus are 7 cm and 12 its area. 6. Find the area ofa rhombu; whose side is altitude is AS If one of its diagonals is 8 cm long. find the length of 7. Ilieflcx»rofa bullding consists of e its diagonals are 45 cm and 30 cm in length. Find total of BABh•ng if the cost per m2 is 4. Y. Mohan wants to buy a trapezium shaped field. Its side along the river is parallel to and twice the side along the road. If the of this field is 10500 m: and the perpendicular distance tx•tween the two parallel sides is I (I) m, find the length of side along the river. 9. Topsurfaceofa raised platfonn is in shape of a regular octa»xlas the figure. Find the area of the octagonal surface. 10. There Isa pentagonal shaped park as shown in the figure. For tiluling its wea Jyoti and Kavita divided it in two different ways.

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