Pls answer the q.3...

Pls answer the q.3... yaw materials.. (Any three) 1 x 3 = 3 Q. 2. -Explain any three factors which were responsible for the concentration of cotton Ans. textile industry in Maharashtra and Gujarat in [Board Term-II, Set-68063, 20121 early years. (ii) ( Ans. (i) Availability of raw cotton. e (iii) " (ii) Ready markets are¯äéållåfe. A. C. : (iii) Well-developed means of transportation. (iv) Abundant skilled unskilled labour at cheap rate. (v) Moist climate which is suitable for the cotton (Any three) f = 3 industry. [CBSE Marking Scheme 20121 Q. 3. Why is cotton textile industry the largest industry in India today ? Give any three [Board Term-11,20111 resons. Ans. (i) Cotton textile industry contribute 14 perce of Ans. ,

Beacause due to many reasons :

1) Good quality of black soil found in india which is used to grow cotton 

2) proper/sufficient need of water 

3) proper climatic conditions in many states of India to grow cotton .

4) The sufficient amount of worker can easily found in India.

5.Cotton textile industry contributes 14 percent of the total industrial production.
6. It provides employment to 35 million persons directly – the second largest after agriculture.
7. It earns foreign exchange of about 24.6 percent (4 percent of GDP).


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