Pls correct me if it is wrong

Pls correct me if it is wrong 29 She did not know anvthing about it. 30. She did notrrito a story, Conjunctions Choose the correct conjunction. Fill in the blanks Take some money Fires may start . you need to take a taxi. cigarettes are thrown into dry 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. . she is I don't know where my sister is but I'll try phoning her , .LLX. at home you are in the post Don't forget to buy some stamps office. . ...type my essays ...kßQ1uz... I use a computer teacher cannot read,my handwriting. . he s!ayed for lunch. Is made a cake ......„iZ... .the recent postal strike. Our reply has been delayed . -processing data. A computer is used We won't arrive in time for tea the car breaks down again. 10.. Li*can watch television L.C.n.u.L,2..... she has finished her homework. 11. AS.. ... he promised to write a postcard, I didn't hear from him. 12.. I'm booking a flight at 12.00 . S.O.. you want to leave earlier. 13. I didn't go on holiday last year, .12... I'm going this year. 14.. He began to panic IOh.n.the plane took off. 15.11'hr.?he comes back, let me know. 16.. ...S... he is only 37, he loohs 50 17.. You can go out tonight ...IF.... you promise to come back early.
2. when / if
3. whether
5. and
6. as
8. for
9. if
12. because
14. as
16. even though
17. only if

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