Pls explain Q.11

Pls explain Q.11 10. The movement of electrons as per Z-SChers light reaction is (1) From low to high energy level (2) uphill in redox potential scale (3) Downhill in redox potential scale Both (2) & (3) 11. The assimilatory power produced during Y reaction in green algae is (1) ATP. NADPH + H' (2) NAD+ (3) NADP (4) ATP & NADH 12. The formed by splitting Of water are (IY Lumen of the thylakoids (2) Outer side of the membrane (3) Both (1) & (2)

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The correct option is A.
During the light reaction in green algae, the assimilatory power is produced in the form of ATP and NADPH + H+
NADP is reduced to NADPH by electron acceptor Ferrodoxin of PSI.
Whereas ATP is generated from ADP by ATP synthase by using chemiosmotic energy from proton gradient which created by splitting water and translocation of protons.

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The Correct option is A
Assimilatory power is the power of plants in the form of ATP and NADPH (produce during light reactions) to obtain food in the form of Carbohydrates from the reduction of CO during photosynthesis.
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Pls find the answer below:

Correct option : (A) ATP, NADPH + H+
Reason: Chemical energy of ATP and reducing power of NADPH2 are assimilatory powers.

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