pls give me a more faster way to do sentence reordering


To answer questions based on sentence reordering, you should follow the steps given below: 

1. Locate the verb/s from the given set of words and phrases. 

2. Identify a suitable subject for each verb. Place the subject before the verb.

3. Identify a suitable object for each verb. Place the object after the verb. This will give a basic framework for the sentence with the main subject, verb and object. (Do not worry if you cannot find an object for each verb.)

4. Identify the modifiers (articles, adjectives and adverbs). Analyze the basic framework of the sentence and place the modifiers as per the rules for their placement. For example, an adjective is normally placed before a noun.

5. Use the phrases (group of words) already given in the sequence to get clues to find the correct sentence.

6. Link the fragments of the sentence by placing the preposition and conjunction in their proper places.

7. Repeat the steps from 2 to 6 till all the given sentence jumbles are solved.

Hope it helps!!

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just read it once and think something related to the words given and read it once more u will surely get the answer :-)

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thank you

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try to grasp its subject and relate it with previous sentences.

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try to grasp its subject and relate it with previous sentences.

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