Pls make journal on question no 21

Dear Student

Date Particulars   Debit Amount (Rs.) Credit Amount (Rs.)
1 Cash A/c Dr. 50,000  
    To Capital A/c     50,000
  (Being business started with cash)      
3 Bank A/c Dr. 10,000  
    To Cash A/c     10,000
  (Being cash deposited in bank)      
6 Purchase A/c Dr. 7,000  
    To Cash A/c     7,000
  (Being goods purchased for cash)      
10 Cash A/c Dr. 15,000  
    To Sales A/c     15,000
  (Being goods sold for cash)      
13 Drawings A/c Dr. 1,000  
    To Cash A/c     1,000
  (Being cash withdrawn for personal use)      
18 Wages A/c Dr. 4,000  
    To Cash A/c     4,000
  (Being paid to workers)      
20 Purchase A/c Dr. 8,000  
    To Sita A/c     8,000
  (Being purchased from sita)      
23 Cash A/c Dr. 4,000  
    To Bank A/c     4,000
  (Being withdrew for office use)      
27 Cash A/c Dr. 5,000  
    To Reena A/c     5,000
  (Being received from reena)      
29 Rent A/c Dr. 3,000  
    To Cash A/c     3,000
  (Being rent paid)      
31 Cash A/c Dr. 1,500  
    To Commission received A/c     1,500
  (Being commission received from archana in cash)      


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