Pls solve 13q b)

Pls solve 13q b) 31st and last terms of an A P to 11 It', term •.how that 18th term of terms in the A.P • . are 12. (i) Determine k • and- 4 respectively. Eind the number 2 2 so that k • 2. 4k - 6 and - 2 are th 13. (a) If pth term of an A T. is and term is p. find its ree consecutive terms of an A.P. ree terms ot an A.P., then find the fourth term of the (n) (p q)th term. h) If (p +1)th term of an A r. is the (q l)th term, prove that it, 11th is twice the (p q • l)th term. 14. If a, b, c are pth, qth and rth terms respectively of an A.P., prove that a (q — r) + b(r — p) c (p —q) 0. Find the 20th term from the end of the sequence 3, 8, 13, .., 253. . For what value of n, the nth terms of the sequences 3, 10, 17 , . . and 63, 65.67, . .. are equal? In the sequences 2, 5, 8, . upto 60 terms, find the number . upto 50 terms and 3, 5, 7, of identical terms. Find the number of common terms in the two sequences : . 709.

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Q.13 (a) (i) 
13(a) (ii) 

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