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Dear Student,
The solutions to your 7th & 8th query have been provided below:

​​​​​​A) How friendly the bear was!
B) He was getting very huge to keep it home.

A) Maria Sharapova said that instead of letting it depress her, she had become more quietly determined and mentally tough. She added that she had never thought of quitting because she had known what she wanted.

For remaining queries we request you to post them in separate threads to have rapid assistance from our experts.


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Sorry don't mind
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Dear Student,

Your question is not clear and appears to be incomplete. Recheck your question or please be a little specific about the name of the chapter/textbook to which you are referring here so that we can provide you with some meaningful help.
Look forward to hearing from you again!

Daivik Lakshmipathy.

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Bhai copy krna hai experts ka mt kr hindi me hi likh de
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