pls tell me the 14 fayol principles followed by starbucks. urgent. i need big data

Division of work :- According to this principle, the entire work must be divided into smaller parts with each individual assigned only one part.
Applicability:- Entire work in Star Bucks is divided into smaller part and with specialised employees for each. For example, cash counter part is assigned to one person.   

2.  Authority and Responsibility :- According to this principle, authority and responsibility flows simultaneously. If someone has given authority than responsibility comes automatically.
   Applicability:- If subordinate has given some authority to get the work done from four different person than he is only responsible for the work to be done
3.  Discipline :- According to this principle, organisational rules and regulations must be followed by both supervisor and subordinates. There should be proper discipline in the organisation.
    Applicability:- If the store opening time is 10 AM than every one must report at or before 10 AM. Proper action must be taken against late comers.

 Unity of Command :- According to this principle, there should be only one boss for every individual employee and employee should have only one direct supervisor.
    Applicability:- Every outlet is headed by one head who manages the entire outlet.

5.  Unity of Direction :- According to this principle, team of employees working for common objective should have only one manager and they all work as per direction given by the manager.
    Applicability:- Everyone in the outlet work for common objective.
6.  Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest :- According to this principle, interest of organisation should get priority over individual interest.
     Applicability:- Every employee should work for the benefit of outlet.
7.  Remuneration to Employees :- According to this principle, employee should be given fair remuneration for the work done. They should not be paid less for their work. 
    Applicability:- Employee working in outlet should be given fair remuneration according to work done.

8.  Centralisation and Decentralisation :- According to this principle, supervisor should adopt effective centralisation instead of complete decentralisation.
    Applicability:- Head of the outlet should adopt centralisation instead of complete decentralisation

9.  Scalar Chain :- According to this principle, there should be proper chain of authority and communication that run from top to bottom. It should be followed both by managers and subordinate.
    Applicability:- Authority and communication should be flows from top to bottom in the outlet.

10.  Order :- According to this principle, person should be placed at job according to their skills.
    Applicability:- Right person should get right job. Job is to be assigned as per specialisation.

11.  Equity :- According to this principle, there should be equality among all subordinates in the organisation.
    Applicability:- All the person in the outlet should be given equal importance.
12.  Stability of Personnel :- According to this principle, there should be stability in tenure of the employees so that work will go on smoothly.
    Applicability:- It is the responsibility of owner to provide some job security to the person working in the outlet, so that they work efficiently

13.  Imitative :- according to this principle, employees should be given an opportunity to make plans related to day day activities of the organisation.
    Applicability:- People working in the outlet should be given chance to take imitative in planing because they are the only person who are in direct touch of customer. 

14.  Espirit De Corps :- According to this principle, organisation should make efforts to develop team spirit among the people in the organisation.
    â€‹Applicability:- Head of the outlet should make effort to develop team spirit among his team members.

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