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Plz answer 1,2,4 11. 2. 3. 4. 5. (b) (c) (iii) (iv) V'htch element Vthich element is least reactive? Arrange A. B and C in the form of reactivity serves. In the formation of compound between two atoms A & B, A loses two electrons and B gains one electron. (a) is the nature of bond between A & B? (b) Suggest the formula of the compound formed between A & B. On similar lines, explain the formation Of MgC12 molecule. Common salt conducts electricity only in molten state. Why? VAvt1y is melting point of NaCI high? PHYSICS Given below are three diagrams showing entry Of an electron in a magnetic field. Identify the case tn which force on electron will be maximum. and minimum respectively, Give reason for your answer. Find the direction of maximum force acting on electron A current through a horizontal power line flows in east to west direction find magnetic field at a point below it and at a point directly above it_ Sketch a graph a voltage against time for an AC. generator. How will be the force experienced by a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field will get affected on (a) (b) (a) (b) (c) doubling the magnitude of current reversing the direction of current flow Which effect of electric current is utilized in the working of an electric fuse? Is fuse connected in series or in parallel in a household circuit? Draw a schematic labelled diagram of a domestic circuit which has a provision of a main tuse, meter, one light bulb and a power plug. 10

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