plz answer question number 15,16 and 17

plz answer question number 15,16 and 17 Total of Jo Transactions charges • tor's house. purchased Furniture for cash worth 10.000 and carriage 252 paid to Purohit for offering worship out of which e 101 for propne taken by proprietor 300. cash 2,000 and cheque 4,000 from Ramesh. The cheque was not deposited (JAC., 2014, 16) into Bank. (viii) Ctrque r«eived from Ramesh deposited into Bank. JÆ Total 80,6521 Journal entries for the following transactions in the books of Satyam . (i) sol d Old furniture sold 125 e 1,000 Paid for Life Insurance Premium (self) 1,500 (i) a Table Fan for 1,000 for domestic use. (W) sold for cash to a customer for 10,000 and collected Sales-tax on it. (v) Purchased goods from Amit for 6,000 and the payment was made by cheque. (ri) 113rd of the ai»ve go«is at a profit of on cost. Total 22.9251 pus Journal Entries for the following transactions : (i) Purchased computer for business 30,000 and colour T. V. for house 15,000. (i) Paid insurance premium 300. (ii) Paid 51 as dakshina to Mr. M. Pandey (Purohit) for offering worship for business from money. Give private motor car worth 25,000 for business. (v) Goods worth e 5,000 destroyed by fire. luurance Company admitted claim for 4,000 only. Total 80,351]

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