Plz answr sir...

Plz answr sir... of the sentences, identify the finite and non-finite verbs by underlining has been as an example. She promised tQ-lend me the book. F 1 I am surprised at the response of the readers. Cheated by the shopkeeper, the customer became angry. They made me stand for almost three hours. Sending the child home is not a solution to the problem. 6 If you have finished shouting, we can talk. Opening the window, Suman looked down at the procession of people. bhen the exam was over, the candidates started to leave the hall. My brothers and I loved flying kites when we were little. After walking for nearly three hours, the tourists felt exhausted. II. When he finally woke up, the sun had not yet risen. | have forgotten the name of the book I read just last week.

Dear Student, 

2. surprised - finite verb, response - infinite verb
3. cheated, became - finite verbs
4. made - finite verb, stand - infinite verb
5. sending - infinite verb
6. finished - finite verb, shouting, talk - infinite verb
7. opening - infinite verb
8. started - finite verb, leave - infinite verb
9. loved - finite verb
10. felt - finite verb, exhausted - infinite verb
11. woke up, risen - infinite verbs
12. forgotten, read - finite verbs


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