PLZ explain the following

1 forensic reconstructions

2 scudded across

3 casket grey

4 resurrection

5 funerary tresures

6 circumvented

7 computed topography

8 eerie detail


Hope this helps:

  • forensic reconstruction: This phrase is connected to the scientific tests that are used by police for investigating the real reason of death of the young pharaoh. Reconstruction refers to re-establishing the previously held belief about the circumstances under which he died.

  • scudded across: Scudding across refers to moving quickly across the sky. This phrase is with reference to movement of the dark-bellied clouds.

  • casket grey: In context to this chapter, casket means a small decorated box holding jewellery or other valuable things of ancient times.

  • Resurrection: 'Their eternal brilliance meant to guarantee resurrection', meant the guarantee to bring back the dead Tutankhamun back as alive again. It refers to a new beginning for something which is old, had not been spoken of and had become obsolete.

  • funerary treasures: These are treasures which are used of and at the funeral of a person.

  • Circumvented: This word refers to find a way of avoiding a difficulty or a rule.

  • computed tomography: Commonly known as CT, it is is a powerful nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technique for producing 2-D and 3-D cross-sectional images of an object from flat X-ray images.

  • eerie detail: Eerie detail here refers to the strange and frightening detail of the results after the CT scan of the young Pharaoh.

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