PLZ explain the following

1 Honing our seafaring skills

2 Pinpricks in the vast ocean

3 a tousled head

4 ominous silence

5 mayday calls


Hope this helps:


  • Honing our seafaring skills:

    • This refers to the effort by the author and his wife, to perfect or sharper their seafaring skills. They advanced towards making themselves fit to travel on the sea.

  • Ominous Silence:

    • The silence here refers to an impending danger. The threatening absence of sound indicated a worse situation for the author.

  • Mayday calls:

    • Mayday calls are radiotelephonic words which signal aircrafts or ships in danger stuck in an extremely important and urgent disastrous situation, the author called out for help, in vain.

  • Pinpricks in the vast ocean:

    • This phrase expresses the insignificance of two small islands in the vast ocean

  • A tousled head:

    • This refers to hair in disarray or a disarranged hair of the author’s son Jonathan

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