Plz finf thid

Plz finf thid I. Mention one difference between the following on the basis of what is given in brackets. (a) Respiration and photosynthesis (gas released). (b) Light and dark reactions (products formed). (c) Producers and consumers (mode of nutrition). (d) Grass and grasshopper (mode of nutrition). (e) Chlorophyll and chloroplast (part of plant cell).

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Please refer to the answer provided by your friend. Just add one thing.
e) Chlorophyll - thylakoid sacs of chloroplasts

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a) respiration - CO2 RELEASED
    photosynthesis - O2 RELEASED
b) dark reaction - sugar molecules and other organic molecules 
     light reaction - water is used and oxygen ,carbon dioxide, glucose (sugar

c) producers - autotrophic.
    consumers - heterotrophic
d) grass - autotrophic.
     grasshopper -  heterotrophic
e) chlorophyll -  chloroplasts.
    chloroplasts -  plant cell (leaves) 

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