Plz help me solve these questions and plz do not close the conversation because many of them knew few ans and not the whole and that will not solve my problem.

Plz help me solve these questions and plz do not close the conversation because many of them knew few ans and not the whole and that will not solve my problem. Class- X Holiday Assignment Geography "Resources are a function Of human activities". Explain this statement with five suitable points. (5) Explain how you would Carry the process of resource planning in three stages (3) 3. " We have a fixed stock of non-renewable resources on earth which can' be replenished". What does the statement mean? Also. discuss two measures to Overcome the problems of resources being exhausted_ 4. How do the technical and economic development have led to the overconsumption Of the resources? (5) 5. How much area should be there under forests according to National forest policy? Give a reasons as to why there is an urgent need to preserve forests. (1+4=5) Compare and contrast alluvial black soil on the basis of its areas. 6. formation, Chemical Composition and crops grown in that particular soil.(5) Give reasons as to why land under pastures & forests are decreasing? 7 Mention the layers of soil profile, also draw a well-labelled diagram of 'Oil g. profile. 15) What is strip cropping? Give its uses too. 9. 10. "There is enough for everybody'S need, but not for anybody's greed". Explain this Statement by giving S suitable points- 11 MAPWORK - On the political map 0t India, locate & label the following with suitable colours. index, etc. (i) Show one area of arid & desert soil type. ( ill An area of mountain soil in the northern part of India. One area of black soil tn southern peninsula of India, Soils that are subject to leaching in Assam (Laterite type) (v) one area of the most widespread & fertile soil in the northern One state showing the soil that develops on crystalline & igneous rocks along Eastern coast (Red & Yellow)

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Please refer below Answer 1 and 2 :

Ans 1.

Resouces are basically the result of human intervention and are classified in the follwoing manner:
1.Natural resources  -like coal and petrol, wood and water are directly drawn from nature.
2. Natural Resources can further be divided as following categories:
3. On the Basis of Origin-  Resources can be biotic or abiotic. Biotic resources like animals are living. Abiotic resources are non-living like coal. 
4. On the Basis of Avaialaibilty of  Stock  - Renewable resources can be used again and again and are unlimited in stock, like water, soil. Non-renewable source have a limited stock, eg, petroleum, Coal. Non renewable can be further divided into recyclable like water and non recyclable like fossil fuel.
5. Human Resources- Includes the population.
6. Human Made Resources-  Sometimes natural resources are made useful only with human intervention, e.g. the extraction of iron from Iron ore.

d. But mere presence of resources are not enough, the process of transforming the resources which are naturally available to satisfy human needs involves an interaction between a number of factors most important being the technology and institutions.
e. Mere availability of resources is not enough, it is important to have required technology to harness such resources.. Appropriate technology will ensure optimum utilisation of such resources.

f. It is the interaction among various factors that is institutions, technology, infrastructure that can convert resources into something substantial to produce goods and services.

Ans 2.

 Resource planning is  complex process as it involves various steps  and methods to be followed:

a. Resource planning involves number of methods, which involves identifying resources distributed across the regions, preparing inventory.
b. Conducting surveying, making qualitative and quantitative assessment of resources.
c. Make proper planning, putting in place proper technology and institutional
 set up to implement plans.
d. Though this ensures balanced regional development as also optimum utilisation of resources, but involves lot of plans, strategies and is a time consuming process.
e. Further, it is imperative to identify resource deficit regions  which involves time and lots of planning.

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