Plz plz slove all question plz plz plz its chapter is the lost spring and flamingo book name

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The answer to question two is as follows:
Saheb's complete name is Saheb-e- Alam. Irony is a figure of speech used to have some emphatic effect in a meaning. Words are used in such a way that their intended implication is entirely different from the actual implication. Here too, the name of Saheb is an irony. Saheb meant the lord of the universe. But in stark contrast to the meaning of his name, Saheb was a poverty stricken boy. Garbage for them was gold because sometimes they found one or two coins there. He did not even have the basic requirements fulfilled. As he was a rag picker’ he used to roam barefoot. Far from being a lord of the universe, he didn’t even have a proper identity.   As time gradually passes by, Saheb was employed in a tea stall. It was a job which he did not like at all because it snatched away his last bit of freedom. He did not have the courage to rebel against the society. He thus ceased to be the master of his own self.

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