plz provide the summary from the stephen keeps a watch till mcleery gets wounded and the evans get escorted

Dear student 

For the first fifteen minutes, Stephen kept checking on Evans by looking through the peephole every minute and then for every two minutes. He started doing this less frequently as he felt that there was no point, as Evans wasn't doing anything. Whilst Evans struggled to find inspiration, McLeery sat reading The Church Times. At one point, Evans asked to get his blanket. Stephens continued his watch and noticed that Evans sat at his table, staring vacantly beneath the blanket. Stephens felt that something was fishy but did nothing. At 11.20 a.m. McLeery informed that Evans only had five minutes left. At 11:22, the Governor told Stephens that he should accompany McLeery himself to the main prison gates. At 11:25, after the exam was finished, Stephens led McLeery to gates. Whilst talking to him, he felt that McLeery's accent had suddenly become broader than ever, but still decided to ignore it. Just to be on the safe side, Stephens went over to Evans' cell to check on him. So when he entered the D wing and looked through the peep hole, there in the chair was a man, with blood dripping down his face. Stephens shouted wildly for Jackson and they went into the cell to find McLeery sitting in the chair. The prison officers realised that they had escorted Evans out by mistake. 


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