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  • Healthy lifestyle is one of the major issues today, that needs concern and awareness in the society.
  • Having a healthy lifestyle guarantees a healthy society and nation.
  • A healthy individual is not only physically fit, but ought to possess a healthy mind as well as a healthy self.
  • A healthy body is nurtured through a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • As a result of unhealthy eating, there are many diseases that affect the present generation at a young age. These include obesity, over-weight conditions, heart problems and cancer.
  • Apart from unhealthy diet, most youngsters are reluctant to exercise and turn into couch potatoes who are glued to televisions and smart phones. 
  • One should be careful about what one includes in one's food consumption. It is compulsory to include the intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Also, exercise should become a mandatory habit.
  • Having a healthy mind is important for good thinking and discretion.
  • A healthy mind shapes a good individual.
  • Having a healthy self means being determined and having a strong will power to face the obstacles in life.
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