Plzz answer all of them expects asap

Plzz answer all of them expects asap 14. 16. 17. Assuming the same in each case. calculate the mass of hydrogen required Ao innate a balloon toa certain volume V at 1000C if3.5 g helium is required to inflate the balloon to :half the volumeV at 25" he densitieOf an unknown gas and 02 were find kg/Jn3 and 0.2749 kgims:atthe same.Å Calculate the mol. weight of unknown gas. A manometer is connected to•a gas containing blilb_ The 6i)en arm reads 43Xcm,-.wtiGg," t'årifi%onnected to the bulb reads I S.6 cm. Ifthe barometric pr—ure ik 743 mm mercury. Wliat is the pressure prgas 0.75 mole solid AÄnd 2 mole 02 are heated in a -sealed bulb to •react completu,ÄproducjKg are compound. If product formed is also in gaseous stale, pred(gt the vatiönoii.ijnal ptessure at600rKt0ini94Lpre»uré at BOO K L •wiilbethevessureofthe gasauxture of oxygen at 0.7 bar are introduced in a I litre vessel at 270C? ' 19. What will be the pressure exerted by a mixture of 3.2 g of methane and 4.4 g of carbon dioxide contained in a 9 dm' flask at 270c? 20- The drain cleaner. Drainex contains small bits of aluminium which react with caustic soda to produce hydrogen. What volume of hydrogen at 200C and one bar will be released when 0.15! of aluminium reacts ? COQ 21. Pressure of I g of an ideal gas A at 270C is found to be 2 bir when 2 g of another ideal gas B is introduced in the same nasi at same temperature the pressure becomes 3 bar. Find a relationship between their molecular masses. O ' 22. 4 litre C2H4(g) burns in oxygen at 270C and I atm to produce C02(g) and H20(g). Calculate the volume of C02 formed at' i) 270Candlat,m EL b) 1270C and I atm, c) 270C and 2 23. How many gram ofCaC03 be decomposed to produce 20 litte of C02 at 750 torr and 270C.e 03

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Answer of Question 14 is as follows:

Answer of Question 15 is as follows:

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