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Q.10. Fig. 3.18 below shows a wheel barrow of mass 15 kg carrying a load of 30 kgf with its centre of gravity at A. The points B and C are the centre of wheel and tip of the handle such that the horizontal distance AB = 20 cm and AC = 40 cm.

Find : (a) the load arm, (b) the effort arm, (c) the mechanical advantage, and (d) the minimum effort required to keep the leg just off the ground.
Ans. (a) 20 cm (b) 60 cm, (c) 3 (d) 15 kgf

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(i) Load Arm AF = 20 cm'(ii) Effort Arm CF = 60 cm(iii) MA = EffortLoad=6020=3(iv) Total load = 15+30=45kgfMinimum effort =LoadMA=453=15 kgf

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