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Plzz answer this fast Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement and Inu as per PQ;: Book. [Ans. Overdraft (Debit) balance as per Pass Book U0,450.] Q. s. On 30th June 2014, the Cash Book ofa trader shows a bank overdraft of e 2.500. Following informations are available l. Cheques amounting to 04,600 had been paid to the bank, but of these only 12.200 were credited in the Pass Book, up to 30th June, 2014. 2. He had also issued cheques amounting to out of which only 0,600 had been presented for payment. 3. A cheque of which he had debited to the bank account was not sentto bank for collection by mistake. 4. There is a debit in the Pass Book of 00 for Bank Charges and for interes- 5. A customer directly paid into his bank < 1,000, but it was not shown in theCuh Book. 6. Bank has paid insurance premium of <400 according to his instructions, but this is not recorded in the Cash Book. Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement. [Ans. Credit Balance as per Pass Book

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