Plzz expert answer 46th one

Plzz expert answer 46th one 4 EO cne oeovt ot ms Accoun Purchases Returns Book was overcast by 300. (it') An item Of 1,062 entered in Sales Return Book had been posted €0 the debit of customer who returned the goods. 1,500 paid for furniture purchased had been charged to ordinary Purchase Account. (MSE Chandigarh 2011) tify the following errors by passing Journål entries: (z) Old furniture sold for 500 has been credited to Sales Account. (iO Machinery purchased on credit from Raman for 2,000 recorded through Purchases Book as 16,000. (iii) Cash received from Rajat 5,000 was posted to the debit of Bhagat as 6,000. (iv) Depreciation provided on machinery 3,000 was posted to Machinery Account as 300. (MSE Chandigarh 2013) Rectify the following errors by passing Journal entries: (D A sum oft 470 received from Ganga was posted to her debit as 740. (ii) A debit balance 550 in the personal account of Mr. John was undercast. (iii) Bills Receivable from Brown for 3,000 posted to the credit of Bills Payable Account and credited to Brown's Account. (iv) Goods returned by Mridul 225 have been entered in the Returns Outward Book. (MSE Chandigarh 201 Ification entries for the following transactions:

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